Socializing a feral kitten is hard work but also very rewarding. Whether you are fostering a kitten for a rescue organization or plan on keeping a kitten in your home, these resources will help you be most successful.

Before you start...

Before socializing a new feral kitten, it is always best to remember why some cats are feral and how we can best help feral cats through TNR. Typically, the older kittens are, the longer it will take to socialize them, and it is intensive work requiring proper time and space. Depending on a kitten’s age and temperament, he or she may never become a good candidate for adoption. In attempting to socialize an older kitten who seems borderline feral, we recommend giving it 2 weeks maximum. If the kitten isn’t making progress by then, it’s best to spay/neuter, eartip, vaccinate, and return the kitten to his or her colony before it becomes unfamiliar territory.

Why are some cats FERAL? - [YouTube, Kitten Lady]

Feral kitten 'Louise' - Jun 1, 2017

Video Resources

These videos include socialization tips and strategies that will help you be as successful as possible.